Custom Ajax WordPress Login Form

If you have been using WordPress, you must be familiar of the wp-admin login page, where you login to enter the dashboard or the user area of the website. The login page does it’s work but in terms of branding and a white-label solution, it doesn’t quite look good specially with the page showing nothing… Read More

Benefits of Using WordPress

Your website is your 24/7 salesperson which promotes you even when you are sleeping or holidaying. Therefore it is very important to decide how you want your next website to be. WordPress is a content management system with countless features. WordPress initially started as a blogging platform. Now it has evolved into the most powerful… Read More

How to create Custom Taxonomies in WordPress

In the previous article here, I explained how to create a Custom Post Type. In this article I will show you how to create custom taxonomies in WordPress. What is a Custom Taxonomy? Taxonomies are a grouping mechanism for the post types in WordPress. For example, you group together categories of posts by creating categories,… Read More

Creating a Custom Post Type in WordPress

What is a Custom Post Type WordPress stores all the posts and pages in the default post type “post” and “page” which is included in the default WordPress install, however we can create custom post type in WordPress according to our needs. Most websites use both to publish their content, “page” for the static pages… Read More