Ascendant Network

The Ascendant is an exclusive, invite-only professional network for the most prominent + progressive marketing executives. The website was contracted to me by a design agency based in Mumbai, India.


  • They have two sections of the network, retail and digital. The Mulisite feature of WordPress was used to create the two different sections since each section had different content.
  • The home page of each section has a slider with tagline and names and details of the members in the slide image. A custom backend was created to enter the details of the slides. bxSlider was used for the slider.
  • The home page also has a carousel for the members in that network. bxSlider was used to create that carousel. The carousel shows the images of the members. The details of that member show up when the user takes their mouse over their image.
  • All the inner pages have more or less the same layout with the slider on top which has the same functionlity as that of the home page.
  • The website is responsive on all devices.