If you have a static HTML website built by some years ago or a Joomla based website and you want to convert it to a WordPress powered site, then you have come to the right place. I can convert your existing website from HTML to WordPress within 4-5 days only. The design of your existing site will not be altered at all. If you want a new and fresh design, then I can provide that as well.

Why should I convert HTML to WordPress ?

How many times you have to update your website and have to hire a full time developer to update your website? Firstly, you will get the features of the most used CMS on the internet. Updating your website won’t require any programmer or developer. In addition to this, you will also get the benefit of thousands of free WordPress plugins which are free.

Here is the summary of the features that you get with your WordPress site if you get if you get your design from HTML to WordPress done by me.

Dynamic Pages

Creating pages for your websites will be like a walk in the park. Not only will it be easy to create pages for your website but it will be also easy to input the content using the WYSIWYG editor.

Relaxed Admin Interface

You don’t need to work hard or figure things out about how to manage your website and update its content. All you need to do is relax and update your website from the admin panel like you are writing an email. You can even update your website through your phone.

Powerful Backend

WordPress comes with a powerful and easy to use administration area. You can change the setting of your website from the administration panel on the fly. It will be just a matter of few clicks and you don’t need any technical knowledge in this at all.

Custom Theme Panels

The administration area of your website will be organized to handle any kind of website. WordPress comes with a user friendly administration interface. All parts of your website will be divided into sections for ease of management.

Mobile Website

One site for all. Your desktop site will serve as the mobile site as well. You don’t need to update content in two places for this. You don’t even need to provide me any design layouts. I will convert your website to a mobile website with your existing design itself.

WordPress Community

Getting help regarding WordPress is not that hard as well. There is a huge community of great developers and consultants out there who can help you whenever you need help with. You can even login to the WordPress IRC chat to get real-time help and support.

Why hire you when I can find so many ?

Yes, good question. Nowadays it’s not that hard to find a WordPress Developer. With so many freelance job portals around, it’s more or less like you ask for one and you will get 100. Most of these job sites, you will get proposals for your job within minutes or sometimes even seconds of your job posting.

“I am an expert who can do anything”

Have you ever wondered if those people are really reading your job and knows what you want? Most people out there would be spamming you with a pretyped and well formatted ready to go lengthy proposal. According to some blogs that I have come across to read about how to get a freelance jobs, most of them mentioned to make the proposal “attractive”. Now answer this yourself, you want an attractive proposal letter or an attractive website?

A WordPress Developer but not WordPress ?!?

Just before writing this article about HTML to WordPress conversion, I thought let’s search for these terms and find out what other people are doing and who is ranked higher. Well to my surprise, none of their website were not even made in WordPress. You can find that out by seeing the source code of the HTML page generated. If someone believes in WordPress and they claim that WordPress will rank your site higher, why aren’t they using WordPress ?? Kinda strange, eh ?

You pay for what you want ONLY

Nope. I don’t have any package costs of weird predefined rates. All the projects I take are quoted by me personally after I go through their existing website and ask questions if I have any. You pay for what you need only. If the project is small, the budget is also not that much, and if the project is big, then budget can be big. It all depends on your requirements.

I need help !

Even after I hand over the website to you and all the files doesn’t mean my services are done there. If there is any kind of help you need in the future, feel free to contact anytime you want. You don’t have to write tickets and all that stuff, just writing an email or buzzing on Skype is enough.

Happy WordPressing !